During the Coronavirus Crisis, the Church Healing Group are setting up a Healing Circle starting at 8am every morning and linking with each other to send our unconditional thoughts of love and healing to the world and to all within, to include a special blessing for your family and friends. 

It would be lovely if you can join the Group and, of course, anyone that you know who would benefit from being part of the movement to fight adversity wherever it is in the world, will be more than welcome to link with us. The Healing will last for about five minutes. 

Choosing the path of the spiritual warrior is choosing the pathway to victory, love and light, keep safe and be positive. 

               The Healing Team x


All are welcome

Thursday afternoons 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm after Guild

Saturday healing has been discontinued (since 19th May 2018)                                  

The training of our healers is second to none and it takes them at least two years to become a fully qualified healer. Trainee healers are constantly monitored, they have to attend regular reviews and pass a written examination on every aspect of healing, including the law. finally they have to give healing to a couple of patients under the scrutiny of an examiner who will either pass or fail them.

Our healing is in the form of laying on of hands, which is common to many Orthodox religions and it is a very enjoyable experience. We charge no fee, but will accept donations.

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