The Awareness Group is held every Thursday evening, all are welcome, just come along.

The Awareness Group commences at 7:45pm and ends at 9:15pm.  We suggest you arrive by 7:30pm.

Non members £3.00 Members £2.00

This is very different from the Open Circle and the aim is to educate the student about everything connected with Spiritualism, such as the various types of mediumship, meditation,the aura, the philosophy of Spiritualism and its history and the many other related topics. Opportunity is also given for students to learn about spiritual healing and to practice it on each other.

The programme is varied, giving students time to practice their mediumship in various ways and to do inspirational work, e.g. art, writing and speaking. This is open for anyone wishing to attend.


If you attend the Awareness Group, you may experience things which you may not have experienced before.


If you feel you may be vulnerable, perhaps due to a pre-existing condition, then we recommend you contact the leader of the Awareness Group, Pat Bendall on 01934 613437, to discuss your concerns before attending. If during the Group you feel uncomfortable you may leave at any time.

The Awareness group is led by the Vice-President of the Church - Pat Bendall

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