Divine Services 

All are welcome

We hold one service every Sunday. We hold a morning service starting at 11am on the first Sunday of each month.  All other Sunday Divine Services start at 6:30pm.


Each Service is conducted by a medium and anyone is welcome to attend. The first part of the Service is very much like one in any other church with hymns, prayers, a reading and approximately a fifteen minute sermon (which we call an address). However the second half differs, there is a demonstration of mediumship, when messages from those in the Spirit World are conveyed to their loved ones in the congregation. The aim of this is to demonstrate that family, friends and loved ones who have passed on from this earthly life still exist. They usually communicate to those in our world because they want to help by giving them guidance, support and comfort, but more importantly to let their loved ones know they are around them and still love them.


Please note that the mediums sometimes cancel at short notice and last minute changes may be made, so please listen carefully to up to date church notices or check the website for any changes we may need to make Programme of Services.


26 May         6:30pm     Lesley Whiting (Updated)

2 June          11am        Lesley Gibbard and Juliette Guest

9 June          6:30pm     Lynn Sommerfield

16 June        6:30pm     Pat Bendall & June Score

23 June        6:30pm     Karen North

30 June        6:30pm     Ted Saunders


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