Open Circle To book a place contact Philippa on 07823 449462

Monday evening 7.30 pm - 9.00 pm

Non members £3.00 Members £2.00

This Circle starts at 7.30 pm prompt, please allow enough time, we suggest you arrive by 7.15 pm.

Open Circle does not take place on evenings when there are demonstrations of mediumship please check dates on the Demonstrationsof Mediumship page.

The Open Circle is where a group of like-minded people meet who are aware they may have the extra sensitivity required to communicate with the spirit world. Those attending the group may all be at different stages of their development, from beginners to others who are already advanced enough to work as mediums. However, the aim is the same, to increase their awareness/sensitivity to those in the spirit world. The group usually sit in a circle and meditate for a short time, about 7-10 minutes and then communicate to the others what they have seen, sensed or heard or if they are more advanced, they may give someone present a message from a loved one in the spirit world. It is a long, slow progress which requires much dedication but it can be very rewarding. It is open for anyone who wishes to attend and is not in the least bit intimidating for newcomers who are always welcome.

The Open Circle is led by Michael Clifton, (by Sharon Ledbrook when Michael is unable to attend).

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