Spiritual Philosophy Circle

Following recent discussions at the Open Circle, we have decided to trial a new type of Circle, which will focus on spiritual philosophy rather than mediumship. The Circle will be led by Sharon Ledbrook. It will consist of a meditation in which attendees will be encouraged to look inwards and contact their higher self and then share any spiritual philosophy arising from the meditation with the rest of the Circle. All philosophy will be based upon the Seven Principles.


The aim of the Circle will be to develop the individual’s connection with their higher self and Spirit, and their understanding of and ability to communicate spiritual philosophy. Attendance at the Circle will be limited to Members, as it presupposes an understanding of the Seven Principles.


In line with the other circles, the fee for Members will be £2. The Circle will last up to one and a half hours. 

If you are inteested in attending...

Please call Sharon on 07766 600611 or Rachel on 07872 58190.

We are located at:

WSM Spiritualist Church

2 Stafford Rd 2


BS23 3BW

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If you have any queries, please contact us:


President: Rachel Arnold

07872 581902





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